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Practice to Improve

“Practice makes Perfect” is a saying that I’m sure EVERYONE has heard at one time or another. As someone who struggles with being a perfectionist in most aspects of life, I am constantly having to step back to remind myself that practice leads to improvement.

One comparison that supports this is through painting. No piece of artwork is ever truly complete. There’s always something else that could be tweaked or more time devoted to the overall image. An artist that obsesses about perfecting a piece will struggle to finish it. This is where we, as creators, must learn to accept that a finished piece doesn’t always mean perfection.

As an art student, each new assignment was an obstacle. In the brainstorming stage, I would think of ideas and then become dissatisfied because I’d also be aware of certain problems with those ideas. Eventually, I would have a breakthrough, settle for one idea, and like what I was producing. This cycle was exhausting. I couldn’t understand how my classmates appeared to come up with a topic so easily and be content in their decision.

This struggle stems from the saying “I’m my own worst critic,” which definitely rings true. I don’t have this mindset when working in a team environment though and I would much rather create something with someone else in mind. Since realizing this about myself, I’ve devoted my creative gifts to helping others with their design projects.

My advice for others is to have faith in your own creativity, in your gifts and talents. Practice for perfection and it’ll be difficult but practice to improve and you will.

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