• Ashley

A Fresh Coat of Branding

AK Design was established in 2010. The main method of contact for clients and showcasing projects at that time was through a company Facebook page. Later in 2013, I managed to develop a WordPress site to further support my designs and skills. Over the years design trends changed and as time went on it became apparent that I would eventually need to update my design website. With AK Design nearing its 9 year anniversary it was finally time to make that design update into a reality.

This update in branding is threefold:

1. Resume Update

The first part of the branding update process began with the design of my resume. View my resume here.

2. AK Design Website Update

With the resume redesign complete, now it was time to move on to updating the website design. My branding colors, utilized within my logo for AK Design, were incorporated. The platform was switched to a different Content Management System (CMS), and a better responsive design was put in place for mobile and tablet viewing.

3. AK Design Business Cards

My new business cards will be the final step in the branding design update.

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